Pearls are one of nature's rare creations, and for centuries have been a symbol of wealth, social status, love, purity and perfection. Pearls are the oldest precious gemstone known to man, and the only ones created by another living organism, a gift from nature.

Natural Pearls

Are created more or less at random in salt and fresh waters. A foreign object lodges in the tissue of an oyster or mussel and in response they secret nacre over the object, which gradually and after several years build up to form a pearl. The pearls are then harvested, extracted form the oyster/mussel, cleaned, dried, polished, and put in five general quality categories.

Cultured Pearls

Salt and fresh water, are created by artificially stimulating the development of the oyster/mussel. Nature is helped at the start, by inserting a bead and/or tissue in the oyster/mussel, then the process and creation of the pearl is identical as with natural pearls. Freshwater pearls are cultured in mussels in freshwater lakes and river, and saltwater pearls are cultured in oysters in the seas.

Attributes of a Pearl

Care of Pearls

Pearl are porous organic substances and are the most fragile of all gems. Some tips: Cosmetics, hair spray, perfumes, body lotions, harsh abrasive chemicals should never be applied directly on pearls. Pearls should not be worn while showering, swimming or exercising. Pearls should be re-strung periodically depending on the usage. Pearls should be wiped with a clean dry soft cloth after each time they are worn. When not in us, pearls should be kept in a silk or cotton pouch. Remember last on, first off!